Gallery at Monnow Valley Arts Centre

The Gallery at Monnow Valley Arts is housed in the old barn and consists of two spaces: a double height large gallery and a more intimate smaller gallery ideally suited for the display of prints and small sculpture.


In the past seven seasons, we have held exhibitions with a diverse feel and character, to which the space seems to adapt itself beautifully.



Studio Pottery Exhibition small gallery

Height points were exhibitions of the work of David Jones, Cecil Collins, Eric Gill and British Studio Pottery. These exhibitions were drawn from important private collections. We like to curate exhibitions from private collections, as this gives the visitor, the opportunity to see great works of art that will otherwise not be accessible to the public. We are very greatful to the collectors for making these exhibitions possible.



Photograph by Charles Hawes Photograph by Charles HawesPhotograph by Charles Hawes

Exhibitions are generally accompanied by an extensive catalogue. Catalogues accompanying previous exhibitions are available to buy in our shop


2016 exhibitionS and EVENTS



Aardman Animation Clay Workshops

Make a clay model of Gromit or Shaun the Sheep at workshops to be held on the 1st and 2nd August. Times 9.30, 11.30 and 3 pm.


The workshops are suitable for children 8+ and adults too.

Cost per person £15. Booking is essential in advance as each session is limited to 16 persons


Contact us by email

or telephone 01873 860529 to book


Poster with more information


Bob Murrin - Retrospective

A lifetiime of work from local artist and priest Bob Murrin.

Bob studied at art college, had a career in civvystreet before returning to art. This is his firts chance to show the world his hidden talent as an artist covering over 40 years of work.


Wednesday 10 August to Sunday 14 August 2-5 pm.



This year sees several changes to the way we run Monnow Valley Arts. Due to lack of funding we can no longer afford to run regular exhibitions like we have done in previous years. Each project, be it an exhibition, a study day or workshop or a course, will have to be externally funded.

As this means the gallery won't be as regularly occupied by ourselves during the year, we have decided to open up our gallery space to local artists to hold their own exhibitions in the 2016 season.

If you are interested or know anyone who may be interested, here is a BROCHURE giving you all the details. If you have any questions, please either e-mail at or call 01873 860 529.

Please have a read of our overview of what we have achieved to date and if this inspires you to contribute to our future, please please do so as now more than ever are we dependent on your support!

We welcome any contribution, help and support, from a monetary donation to helping out during exhibitions and if you have any good ideas for a collaboration with us, please share these!


2015 exhibition schedule


Ana Maria Pacheco: The Christopher and Dorothy Good

25 April – 21 June 2015

Ana Maria Pacheco is a sculptor, painter and printmaker. She was born in Brazil in 1943.
Following degrees in both Art and Music she taught and lectured for several years at universities in Goias before coming to England on a British Council Scholarship to the Slade School of Fine Art, London. Since 1973 she has lived and worked in England.
From 1985–89 she was head of Fine Arts at Norwich School of Art and from 1997–2000 she was Associate Artist at the National Gallery, London. From this
residency a major touring show of her work was seen across Britain.

Christopher and Dorothy Good have formed one of the most comprehensive collections of the prints of Ana Maria Pacheco. Pacheco’s work is infused with
images from Brazil’s Catholic religious heritage as well as mythology and allusions to Brazil’s fractured and violent past. The vivid imagination of these works and the stories they tell are the elements that have inspired this collection.


The McDowall Collection of Neo-romantic Paintings,
Drawings and Prints

4 July– 5 September 2015

In British art history, the term "neo-romanticism" is applied to a loosely affiliated school of landscape painting that emerged around 1930 and continued until the early 1950s. It was first labelled in March 1942 by the critic Raymond Mortimer in the New Statesman. These painters looked back to 19th-century artists such
as William Blake and Samuel Palmer, but were also influenced by French cubist and post-cubist artists. This movement was motivated in part as a response to
the threat of invasion during World War II. Artists particularly associated with this movement included Paul Nash, John Piper, Henry Moore and especially Graham Sutherland. A younger generation included John Minton, Michael Ayrton, John Craxton, Keith Vaughan, Robert Colquhoun, and Robert MacBryde.
In recent years Monnow Valley Arts has shown the work of Samuel Palmer, John Piper, Graham Sutherland and
Ralph Maynard Smith as part of its Romantic Landscape exhibitions. This exhibition based around the McDowall collection expands the scope of this survey by including all the major figures in the movement and ontemporary artists that continue to work in this genre. This is the first time that this collection has been seen in public and
includes some important works. Paintings and drawings will be shown in the main galleries and prints in the Studio.


12 - 20 September 2015

Monnow Valley Arts has had a long interest in the lettering arts and in this event, practitioners of the art of lettering from along the Border will showcase their art through demonstrations, displays, talks and practical courses.
Some 20 lettercutters, calligraphers and graphic designers involved with letter forms will showcase their work. Demonstrations by some of those participating will take place on the weekend of 12/13 and 19/20 September.
Details of courses, talks and events for children will be posted here soon.
Exceptionally the Centre will be open daily from 11 am - 5 pm.


previous exhibitions:

The Nicholas and Frances McDowall Collection of


4 July - 5 September 2015

Catalogue available: £10 plus £2 postage.

Birdham Pier

The McDowall Collection of British Neo-Romantic Art is the first exhibition to be held of this very significant collection.  The collection is the fruit of over 40 years of collecting by the McDowalls and uniquely concentrates on those artists who continued the spirit of neo-romanticism beyond Piper and Sutherland from the 1940s to the 1990s.

Presented at Monnow Valley Arts, the exhibition consists of 60 works: 37 paintings and 23 prints and monotypes. It will be a revelation for it contains some highly important works of art by both well known artists and lesser known who continued to be inspired by the neo-romantic tradition.

The collection includes a significant number of prints and monotypes. The McDowalls have a particular interest in monotypes which by the way they are created have greater freedom than prints generally and are of course unique. Robin Tanner (1904-88), one of the most outstanding etchers in the genre, became a personal friend and the McDowalls have a complete collection of his prints, two of which personally dedicated to them are included in the exhibition. Starting with work by William Blake and Samuel Palmer, the father figures of the romantic movement, the collection moves on to etchers such as Sutherland, Drury, Craxton and Webb are also included. Wood engraving is represented by Nash and Hermes. Post war work by Piper, Rothenstein, Bert Isaac, Colquhoun and MacBryde, Ceri Richards and Bryan Ingham.

The larger body of work, however, is in paintings and drawings. Because of their interest in book illustration, the collection includes original drawings and paintings for books by Ayrton, Bawden, Minton, Nash, Trevelyan and Vaughan.

Nicolas McDowall’s interest in the painters of the neo-romantic movement started with a visit to the Redfern Gallery when he was 15 years old where he saw the work of Alan Reynolds (1926-2014) for the first time.  The exhibition at the Barbican in 1987 A Paradise Lost: The Neo-Romantic

Imagination in Britain 1935-55 set the McDowalls on a search for works by the artists represented and for younger less well known practicioners. Although their budget was at time severely limited,   they have been gratified to find that many of the artist they identified such as John Elwyn, Garrick Palmer, Bert Isaac, R J Lloyd, Rigby Graham have become sought after in recent years.

Artists such as Michael Ayrton, Leslie Hurry, Cecil Collins, Robert Colquhoun, Robert McBryde, Bernard Meninsky, Ceri Richards, William Scott and  Bryan Wynter are all represented in the collection.


Arnold Daghani (1909-1985): Stations of the Cross

12 April - 20 April 2014

Open exceptionally every weekday 11 - 5 pm and weekends 2-5 pm

The Rev. Nicolas Lowton will lead meditations on one of the stations on Monday 16, Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 April at 7.30 pm

Daghani was born in Rumania in a Jewish family. He was interned in a concentration camp in the Ukraine in 1942 but managed to escape in July 1943 just 5 months before the camp was liquidated. In 1960 he was
allowed to leave Rumania and after some years in Israel, France and Switzerland settled in Britain.
The Stations of the Cross are made in black and white using three elements: light drawings of Christ’s hands to represent humanity and humility, dark bold blocks to represent the Cross and the blank space between
which hold the other elements in place.


Ken Stradling's Eye: Modern Design in Britain

A selection from the Ken Stradling Collection, curated by Dr Alan Powers

3 May - 29 June 2014

Ken Stradling was for many years the Chairman of the Bristol Guild of Applied Art (founded in 1908). Ken
understood early on that dealing with interesting objects can be a way of life and a career. He sees art, craft and design as a continuum, and a way of making life brighter and more interesting. Through the formation of the Ken Stradling Collection Trust, he is making his own collection available to anyone interested in design.
For the first time part of this collection will be shown outside Bristol. Dr Alan Powers has selected 100 items that show the major trends and the quirky humorous side of Ken’s eye. The selection focuses mainly on furniture by Gordon Russell and Marcel Breuer, as well as ceramics and glass, both handmade and factory produced.
There will be a study day looking at aspects of the collection.

A 60 page, richly illustrated catalogue with an extensive essay by Dr Alan Powers accompanies the exhibition and can be aquired for £10 (+ £2 pp)

PDF file of the cataogue


Edgar Holloway (1914-2008): The Art of a Lifetime

A centenary touring exhibition

5 July - 31 August 2014

Edgar Holloway was born in Doncaster 100 years
ago. He became one of the last exponents of the
etching revival started by Palmer and ending with
the great depression in the 1930s. Largely selftaught,
he is best known today for his haunting
series of self-portraits spanning 75 years of his
life. He lived in Capel-y-ffin in 1942/3 where he
married Eric Gill’s housekeeper Daisy Monica
Hawkins before settling in Ditchling, Sussex.
This exhibition has been curated by Jennifer Holloway and started a national tour at Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery in April this year. It covers all aspects of
Edgar’s life and work and is accompanied by a new biography Against the Odds written by Edgar’s second wife, Jennifer Holloway. Some works are for sale.
Our exhibition coincides with the exhibition Treasures: Llanthony & Tintern being held at the Museums in Chepstow and Abergavenny this summer which looks at
the artists who have depicted the Wye and Llanthony valleys over the years. Holloway is represented in the exhibition.


Edward Ardizzone (1900-1979): The Creator of Little Tim and Friens

6 September - 2 November 2014

Ardizzone is one of the best loved illustrators of the 20th century. He illustrated
over 170 books including 11 books about the adventures of Little Tim and his friends Lucy, Charlotte and Ginger, of which he was also the author. The first was published in 1936 and the last in 1977 since which they have been in continuous publication.
The exhibition will look at the original drawings and
watercolours for Tim to the Lighthouse (1968) and Tim’s Last Voyage (1972). Although these works are not for sale, there will be some from family collections that are.



The DODO is Dead: Long Live the DODO, An Ecological Disaster Story

7 September - 27 October 2013

The sad story of the demise of the Dodo, told through items from the collection of Ralfe Whistler. Art, artifacts, memorabilia and Dodo bones tell the story of the Dodo and how it became extinct.

More information and invitation

Accompanied by an illustrated catalogue £3 including postage. PDF preview of the catalogue.


Dodo cover



Richard Greatrex: Resistance Re-Imagined

6 July - 1 September 2013

Wednesday - Friday 11 am - 5 pm, Saturday & Sunday 2 - 5 pm.


Photographs telling the story of Owen Sheer's novel Resistance, set in the Olchon Valley.



Saturday 13 July at 7.30 pm

Bothe Richard Creatrex's version Resistance Re-imagined and Amit Gupta's film Resistance will be shown.

Entrance donation £5

Booking essential as numbers are limited.


More information about the exhibition and invitation


Greatrex 1


Greatrex 2


Richard Kindersley: MATERIAL WORDS

4 May - 30 June 2013


A short film by Peter Kindersley documenting the making of ARTFENCE in situ at Monnow Valley Arts.

Kindersley Richard The development of writing – the grouping together
of symbols to form words – is the building block of
civilization. Words allow for complex societies to
evolve by recording commercial and social networks
as cohesive and stable infrastructures. As alphabets
developed in their sophistication it was quickly
realised that the messenger, the letterforms, could
carry an additional message announced by the form
of letters.
A new approach to design and communication
through modern letterforms emerged after the
Second World War, exemplified in Britain by the
work of Pentagram. In the evolution of letterforms,
the extremes move between the requirements to
read quickly without any ambiguity, such as on
motorway gantry signs or exit signs in theatres,
and expressive calligraphy where meaning is
submerged in embellishment making it all but
impossible to tease out.
This exhibition explores and demonstrates with
finished pieces some of the issues raised by the
influence of drawing on the message with the
inevitable tension generated between utility and
free expression.

Richard Kindersley


Richard Kindersley is one of Britain’s most
respected lettering artists. He has had his own
studio for over 50 years and has been
commissioned to make both monumental pieces of
lettering for grand monuments such as the National
Arboretum and the new Bomber Command
Memorial in Green Park, as well as individual pieces
of lettering for private clients in brick, concrete,
stone and wood. He has also developed over recent
years a passion for standing stones which are
carved with texts appropriate for their intended
In this exhibition, Richard will surprise us with an
exploration of the difference between gestural and
geometrically constructed letters forms. To
demonstrate this Richard will use carved
letterforms, sandblasted glass, moulded concrete,
wood, steel and paper (sometimes with the same
text) to show us how lettering can be used in
unusual ways and with unusual materials.

As the exhibition is itself a work in progress, a
catalogue of the works produced for and during the
exhibition will be published for use at later versions
of this exhibition. Some of the making process will
be filmed using both animation and demonstration.
Other videos will explore the abstraction of
letterforms to produce patterns expressing the
natural movements of the wrist arm and upper torso,
the same kinetic expressionism demonstrated by
Jackson Pollock’s floor painting.
The works in the exhibition will travel on to the New
Art Centre, Roche Court, East Winterslow, near
Salisbury, in July and August 2013.


There will be a study day exploring how to create
letterforms in poured quick-setting concrete on
Saturday 1 June. Numbers are limited to 10 and booking
will be essential.



An Exhibition of works from the Methodist Church Collection of Modern Christian Art complemented
by the work of Contemporary Artists.


A fully illustrated catalogue of the 30 works in the exhibition is available from Monnow Valley Arts and at the exhibition venues price £10 post included

De Maestre

During Eastertide other exhibitions of Modern and Contemporary Christian Art (some from the
Methodist Modern Art Collection) will be held at various venues near Monnow Valley Arts. Full details to be found in this separate brochure.


Modern Christian Art from the Methodist Art Collection and other sources:
Craigie Aitchison
John Brokenshire
David Jones
Elisabeth Frink
Eric Gill
Patrick Heron
Roy De Maistre
Ceri Richards
William Roberts
Peter Rogers
Francis Newton Souza
Graham Sutherland

Contemporary artists:
Qassim Alseady
Richard Bavin
Mark Cazalet
Michael Chaitow
Marzia Colonna
John Cristoforou
Nigel Groom
Paul Hobbs
Nicola Hopwood
Hans Klein Hofmeijer
Helen McIldowie-Jenkins
Andrea McLean
Greg Tricker
Sam Wigan
Robert Wright


1 September – 28 October 2012


Image and Word: The Julian Francis Collection of
Prints and Private Press Books


John Craxton

Over the last 30 years, Julian Francis has amassed an important collection of wood engravings and other prints as well as related Private Press books. This exhibition highlights those who worked for the Private Press publishers in the 20th and 21st centuries. It shows the symbiotic relationship between the artists and publishers and how beautiful books were produced by combining great design and typography with elegant and inventive wood engravings and other prints by some of the best modern artists of their day.

Paul Nash


The exhibition catalogue can be ordered from us at £10 including postage and packing or can be downloaded here: Image and Word catalogue


Tom Chadwick


Anne Desmet


30 June – 26 August 2012
Ben Nicholson (1894–1982): Defining Structure and
Space by Line

Ben Nicholson (1894–1982) was the son of William
Nicholson. He trained at the Slade and was a contemporary of Paul Nash. In 1925 he joined
the 7 and 5 Society and became its chairman in 1926.
He imbued the society with new ideas about painting,
introducing modernism to Britain.

Nicholson Still Life
In 1930 he visited France with his wife, Barbara Hepworth, and studied the modern abstract painters such as Arp, Miró, Mondrian and Calder. His work
took on an increasingly non-figurative and abstract form.
The works in this exhibition come from private collections supplemented by a group of etchings from other sources. Most of the drawings and small paintings
have not been seen in public for many years and explore Nicholson's unique contribution to the study of form, whether landscape or still life, through line.

Ben Nicholson


28 April - 24 June 2012

Britain's Hard 60s: John Bulmer's Colour Photographs of a
Changing Britain

John Bulmer is a photographer and film-maker. He was born and lives in Herefordshire. He was a pioneer of colour photography in the 1960s and produced the first cover for the Sunday Times Magazine which
pioneered the colour supplements.
He did many ground-breaking stories on industrial themes and people in Britain and abroad in South America, Africa, New Guinea and Indonesia. As a
film-maker, he made many films on travel and untouched tribes which were shown on the BBC and National Geographic and Discovery channels.

More exhibition information

John Bulmer


Prints and Selected Drawings 2012
Presented by Wolseley Fine Arts
7–15 April 2012 at Monnow Valley Arts and

18–22 April at The London Original Print Fair, Royal Academy, Piccadilly, London W1

PDF of the catalogue

Each year in preparation for the London Original Print Fair, Wolseley Fine Arts produces a catalogue of 100 modern British Prints and Drawings. These include
etchings by Norman Ackroyd, Edgar Holloway and Samuel Palmer. Engravings and woodcuts by John Buckland Wright, Albert Garrett, Eric Gill, Edward Gordon Craig and David Jones. Lithographs and linocuts by Edward Ardizzone, Edward Bawden, John Piper and Graham Sutherland. Original drawings are by John Buckland Wright, Eric Gill, David Jones, John Piper, Graham Sutherland, Meta Speier and Ralph Maynard Smith.

Guiness poster


Images of Power - From the Jerffery Archer Political Cartoon Collection.

By appointment: 01873 860 529

Peter Brookes - Has Bambi Got Teeth?

Lord Archer has been keenly collecting political cartoons for 25 years and putting together a collection of political cartoons with his close friend, the specialist art dealer, Chris Beetles. This is the first time that any part of the collection has been shown in public.
Jeffrey Archer has topped the bestseller lists around the world with fifteen novels and six collections of short stories. He has served five years in the House of Commons, and eighteen in the House of Lords.
He has been an art collector for over forty years, and is an amateur auctioneer, conducting around 30 charity auctions a year. The theme of the cartoon collection, which spans three centuries from Rowlandson and Gillray to Gerald Scarfe and Peter Brookes, is Images of

Michael Cummings - It just came to pieces in my hand

The collection has never been seen in public before and we are delighted to be able to present it for the first time to the public. The works on display will be an amusing and satirical look at political life through the ages. All major political cartoonists are represented including Gillray, Rowlandson, Sir David Low, Ernest Shepherd, Max Beerbohm, Gerald Scarfe, Peter Brookes, Sir John Tenniel, Trog, Michael Cummings and Ralph Steadman, and consists of about 50 works.
Mainly based around British and American politics, the collection features cartoons of Churchill, Macmillan, Kennedy, Reagan, Nixon, Heath, Major, Blair and Thatcher as well as more historical figures.

Ernest Howard Shepard - Cleoptra and the Lion dropping the pilot
Cartoons have always appealed to the British public. Cartoonists both respond to the prevailing mood of the public and create a mood often by distorting the features of the politician. The collection gives us valuable insights into how over the three centuries covered by the collection, cartoon imagery has changed to reflect the relationship the public has with
politicians, the way propaganda is disseminated and the effect television and new communication networks have on our perception of politics.
The collection is one of the finest in private hands. Chris Beetles of the Chris Beetles Gallery in London has curated the exhibition and is in the process of
cataloguing all the works. Once this has been achieved it is expected to become available for loan to other venues.
The trustees would like to express their thanks to
Lord Archer for providing the loan of his
collection and to Chris Beetles and his staff at his
gallery for arranging the exhibition


David Prentice: 75th Birthday Celebration

2 July - 28 August 2011

In association with John Davies Gallery, Moreton in Marsh.

David Prentice was born in 1936 and has lived for many years on the Malvern HIlls. He has taken inspiration for his paintings from the landscape in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. In recent years he has also worked on London City prespectives. He has a vast following and is one of Britain's foremost contemporary painters. This exhibition celebrates David's 75th birthday with a selection of recent landscapes and cityscape paintings and prints.

David Prentice - Herefordshire Lane


David Prentice - Upper Pool Night


The Romantic Landscape in Wales:

Paintings, watercolours and prints by John Piper (1903–1992), Graham Sutherland (1903–1980) and Ralph Maynard Smith (1904–1964).

A free PDF of the catalogue is available here: Romantic Landscape in Wales Catalogue

John Piper Nant Francon Farm

Graham Sutherland Estuary

In conjunction with The Ralph Maynard Smith Trust, Wolseley Fine Arts and private lenders who prefer to remain anonymous.

Ralph Maynard Smith Cloud Above and Below


In association with Wolseley Fine Arts: PRINTS 2011 and Selected Drawings: works by Edward Ardizzone, Edgar Holloway, David Jones, John Piper, Graham Sutherland, Samuel Palmer, Rembrandt van Rijn, Leon Underwood, Reg Boulton, John Buckland Wright, Edward Gordon Craig, Albert garrett, Eric Gill, Dennis Tegetmeier and Sir Kyffin Williams. 2 - 14 April. Opening times: Thursday & Friday 11 am - 5 pm, Saturday & Sunday 2 - 5 pm.

Exhibition catalogue

Kyffin Williams

Wolseley Fine Arts will be exhibiting works by Monnow Valley artist Reg Boulton at the London Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy, London from 18 - 21 April.


Exhibitions in the gallery for 2011:

2 July - 28 August: Landscape Paintings of Herefordshire and the Malverns by David Prentice, a 75th birthday celebration.

3 September - 30 October: Political Cartoons - The Jeffrey Archer Collection


John Shaw exhibition main gallery