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12 - 20 September 2015

Monnow Valley Arts has had a long interest in the lettering arts and in this event, practitioners of the art of lettering from along the Border will showcase their art through demonstrations, displays, talks and practical courses.
Some 20 lettercutters, calligraphers and graphic designers involved with letter forms will showcase their work.

Exceptionally the Centre will be open daily from 11 am - 5 pm.

Jason and Julienne Braham
25 April – 21 June 2015

For some years Monnow Valley Arts has had a selection of fine quality ceramics on display in our main galleries.
This year Jason Braham, master of the salt glaze,
pairs up his hand-thrown and wood-fired pots
with landscapes by his wife Julienne. Julienne’s
paintings of landscapes in the Borders and in
France have a soft impressionist appeal and are
delightful to see and own. All works will be for sale. Profits from the sale of works will benefit the future exhibition programme at Monnow Valley Arts.

Julienne Braham


Jason Braham

The McDowall Collection of Neo-Romantic Paintings,
Drawings and Prints

4 July – 5 September 2015

The McDowall collection of Neo-romantic Paintings, Drawings and Prints is one of
the best in the country. This private collection has never been shown to the public
before. Because of its extensive range and size, the Studio will be used to show a
selection of 25 prints from the collection by William Blake, Samuel Palmer, Graham
Sutherland, Robin Tanner, Paul Drury, Michael Rothenstein, Bert Isaac, Melvin Evans,
Nathaniel Sparks, Edward Hoyton and Ceri Richards.


12 - 20 September 2015

Monnow Valley Arts has had a long interest in the lettering arts and in this event, practitioners of the art of lettering from along the Border will showcase their art through demonstrations, displays, talks and practical courses.
Some 20 lettercutters, calligraphers and graphic designers involved with letter forms will showcase their work. Demonstrations by some of those participating will take place on the weekend of 12/13 and 19/20 September.
Details of courses, talks and events for children will be posted here soon.
Exceptionally the Centre will be open daily from 11 am - 5 pm.


Previous exhibitions

Border Ceramics and other Applied Art
3 May – 29 June 2014
For some years Monnow Valley Arts has had a selection of fine quality ceramics on display in our main galleries. As the Ken Stradling Collection being shown in our main galleries is so strong in ceramics and glass, we have asked local makers across the Marches of glass, ceramics and other applied art to participate in a group exhibition. All profits from the sale of works will benefit the future exhibition programme at Monnow Valley Arts.

Eric Gill (1882–1940): Engravings
5 July – 31 August 2014
Auction of work Sunday 31 August at 3 pm
Eric Gill was born in Sussex and after studying and abandoning architecture, settled in Ditchling where he lived until 1924. During
his time in Ditchling, he developed his skills as an engraver, letter cutter and sculptor becoming the foremost practitioner of all
these arts in the years that followed. From 1924 to 1928 he lived at the Monastery at Capel-y-ffin where he developed the typefaces for which he is famous and started a working relationship with the Golden Cockerel Press which resulted in some of his finest engravings. A group of 50 engravings covering the period 1921–1931 are offered for sale. Items may be purchased during the exhibition at “Buy it Now” prices or at auction on 31 August at 3 pm. Bids may be left. All
profits go to Monnow Valley Arts to benefit its future exhibition programme.

26 Words Touring Exhibition
A 26 Group and Letter Exchange touring exhibition
6 September – 2 November 2014
The writers' group 26 have teamed up with letter cutters, calligraphers and type designers from Letter Exchange to create limited edition art works springing from the letters of the English language. Members of
each group were paired off into 26 partnerships, with each randomly choosing a word by inserting a knife in a dictionary. The result was an extraordinary collection
of words: from acidulate to zaffre, via dig, undulate and connected. Each pair was asked to explore ideas through these single words, their meanings and their visual expressions. And a 27th pair was asked to
collaborate to combine all the words into one work.



Words Set Free: A Letter Exchange Touring Exhibition

7 September - 27 October 2013

Words, stories, and opinions are delivered to us
in many different ways: written, carved, drawn,
typeset or incised. The right combination of
message and media can broaden perception
and change our experience, and help to convey
ideas from their source to the consciousness of
the spectator.

Words set free

The exhibition showcases works by members of Letter Exchange around the theme of Free Speach. In an ecclectic and exciting mix of material, the works on display present a cross section of all kinds of professional lettering artists, from typographers and font designers to calligraphers and laser cutters.

All works are made to a set size of 40 x 40 cm.

Tour venues include Free Word Centre, Farringdon
Road, London; Lettering Arts Centre, Snape;
Design Centre, University of Sunderland; Studio XII,
Bruges, Belgium.

Works are for sale.

An exhibition catalogue is available: £10



Richard Bavin: Painting the Lanscape

6 July - 1 September 2013

Wednesday - Friday 11 am - 5 pm, Saturday & Sunday 2 - 5 pm


Richard will hold and open 'Meet the Artist' weekend from 2-5 pm on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 August, when he will be working on current watercolours.


Exhibition invitation with further information


Richard Bavin


Richard Bavin 2




TASHI MANNOX: Illuminated Optimism Invitation

Tashi Hog

Tashi Mannox was born in Birmingham and studied art at Bournville School of Art followed by a BA Hons at Lancaster Polytechnic.  As a Buddhist monk, Tashi was trained in temple decorating, Tanka painting and calligraphy in the different forms of Tibetan and Sanskrit script.

The works in the exhibition, created over the last 10 years, are imbued with this eclectic background. Most works are shown for the first time and are very much based in traditional Tibetan Buddhist practices. However, this traditional concept is being interpreted in a contemporary way. The illuminated manuscripts are positive and thought provoking, combining traditional and modern, Eastern and Western iconography, style and letter forms.

Fundamental to Tibetan Buddhist practitioners are the Four Foundations, four topics that are meditated upon. Tashi Mannox illustrates the ‘four foundations’ as a set of four calligraphic masterpieces, intended to be thought provoking as a subject of meditation and reflection. They are steeped in Tibetan Buddhist tradition, yet an expression of modern day concerns.


Tashi Impermanence

A selection of the original works in the exhibition (all for sale)have been the basis for a series of high quality, limited edition Giclee prints that are also available for sale, making these works accessible to all.


A little more information can be found on Tashi's blog.

The exhibition contunues until 30 June 2013.


Tashi Mannox



Engravings for Private Press Books
1 September - 28 October 2012
A selling exhibition of engravings by artists who
contributed to some of the Private Presses in the 20th
and 21st centuries. Work by Eric Gill, David Jones, John
Buckland Wright amongst others.

John Buckland Wright Endymion


Modern British Drawings and Paintings from Wolseley Fine Arts
30 June – 26 August 2012
As a complement to the Ben Nicholson exhibition in the main galleries, we will mount a display of drawings by 20thcentury masters in the artist's studio.
Visitors will be able to see how Edward Ardizzone, Pierre Bonnard, Edouard Vuillard and Robert Bevan, for example, define space through drawing.

A fully illustrated list of the works on show can be found here.

David Jones Jug & Flowers


Susan Milne: Work in progress from Land and
Memory Project

28 April – 24 June 2012
Susan Milne is engaged upon a year-long project to explore the Black Mountains and record how the land reveals its own history and culture and why we see the landscape as beautiful. Susan will hold an exhibition of works made during this project using drawings, found objects, photography and other graphic means. You will be able to meet Susan in the Studio and each Wednesday from 2nd May, Susan will take School
groups on "Reading the Landscape" days where the
deeper significance of what she has experienced will be unravelled.

More exhibition information

Susan will guide two walks on 9 May and 6 June as well as a day workshop on 16 June. Please not there is a mistake in the booking form, where it says 16 July.

A printable booking form for Sue's walks and workshops can be found HERE.


Peter Brookes - Political Cartoons

Peter Brookes

At the same time as the exhibition Images of Power, there will be an exhibition of the cartoons of Peter Brookes in the Artist's Studio. Peter Brookes is the political cartoonist for The Times and the author of the world famous Nature Notes. Some of his work will be for sale, together with works by Andy Davey (editorial
cartoonist for The Sun), Chris Duggan (cartoonist
for the New Statesman) and Morton Moreland
(cartoonist for The Times). Contact us for a list of works: Monnow Valley Arts

Peter Brookes


2 July - 28 August 2011:

Bridget Drakeford - Ceramics

Charles MacCarthy - Paintings of the Monnow Valley

Bridget Drakeford & Charles MacCarthy


7 May - 26 June: Reg Boulton: Images of Herefordshire

Open Thursdays and Fridays 11 am–5 pm and weekends 2–5 pm. Tuesdays and Wednesdays by appointment and for groups.


Reg Boulton was born in 1923 in London but has been living and working in Hereford for over 40 years. He was head of Art and Design at the old Herefordshire College of Education from 1966–78 and since then he has been
an active letter cutter and engraver. He has made a particular study of Romanesque sculptures in Herefordshire and wrote, illustrated with 60 engravings and published The Sculptures of Kilpeck in a limited edition in 1987. Copies of this splendid book will be available at the exhibition. He has contributed many engravings for other books on local subjects, notably The Sculptured Capitals of Leominster Priory (Friends of
Leominster Priory 1993) and Aspects of Herefordshire (Logaston Press 1987).
As a lettering artist Reg has been in constant demand for memorials and plaques. Many of his carved plaques can be seen at Sir Roy Strong’s garden at The Laskett.
The exhibition will be held in the artist’s studio and all work is for sale.

Reg Boulton Madlet sattelite Terminal


2 July - 28 August: Charles MacCarthy, Landscape Paintings of the Marches & Bridget Drakeford, ceramics



Once a month during the season, we will hold an evening event where you can meet like minded people interested in cultural matters over a glass of wine and participate in a stimulating discussion.

There will be six events in 2011. The cost for the series of 6 is £35 or £7 per individual event.

The events start at 6.30 pm for 7 pm and should last no more than 90 minutes. Our gardens will be open and we are conveniently placed between two excellent pubs, where you can enjoy a meal or drink: The Crown Inn, Longtown (01873 860 217) and The Carpenters Arms, Walterstone (01873 890 353) .

Schedule of cultural events for 2011

Friday 13 May : Glenn Storhaug: The History of The Five Seasons Press

Since 1977 Glenn has been the mainstay of fine printing in Herefordshire. He will give us a talk on how he started the Press and how it evolved to what it does now, after more than 30 years of operations.

Friday 10 June: Amanda Huntley: The Huntley Film Archives and John Piper

Amanda Huntley runs the Film Archives from Ewyas Harold and will talk about how the archive came into existence and will then show a 40 minute film about John Piper made in 1955. This event coincides with our exhibition: The Romantic Landscape II: Piper, Sutherland and Maynard Smith in the main galleries.

Friday 8 July: Kathleen Raine: Living with Mystery.

Andrea Andriotti will introduce a film he made (with Werner Weick) about Kathleen Raine, the famous poet and friend of David Jones and Cecil Collins, based on the title of her collected poems published in 1992. Followed by a discussion afterwards.

Friday 5 August: Julian Barnard: Edward Bach Flower Remedies.

Julian, one of Monnow Valley Arts trustees, founded Healing Herbs many years ago to make Bach Flower remedies to Bach's original formulation and theories. Julian is a world renowned expert on the topic and will give an illustrated talk on the subject.

Friday 9 September: Ben Llewelyn of Caviste will host a wine tasting of new discoveries from his extensive list. Ben was brought up locally and is one of the founders and directors of Carte Blanche Wines, now based in Hampshire. If any of the wines take your fancy you will be able to order cases on advantageous terms.

Friday 7 October: Helena Gerrish: The Story of H Avray Tipping

Helena has been researching the life and garden designs of Avray Tipping whose country house outside Monmouth is now owned by her and her husband Hilary. Helena’s book on Tipping: Edwardian Country Life - the story of H. Avray Tipping will be published in October. Helena will give an illustrated talk.

Dates are subject to alteration so please provide contact details.

To book places at these events, complete the booking form or book by telephone or email.

Events will take place in the artist's studio and are limited to 20 places.

Monnow Valley Arts, Middle Hunt House, Walterstone, Hereford HR2 0DY,

t: 01873 860529, e:   


In 2010 we have used the Artist's Studio for workshops, lectures, meetings and exhibitions. The last exhibition of the season was an exhibition of ceramics by Rupert Spira and paintings by Annie Spearman.


Rupert Spira and Annie Spearman exhibition

Rupert Spira and Annie Spearman exhibitionRupert Spira and Annie Spearman exhibition



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